In 1997, network cameraman Warren Benjamin founded Video Factory LLC., a video production company that opened its door to the public and has been providing professional video productions service ever since.


The communication has radically changed how we deliver our messages to audience and video is at the forefront of that revolution. That's because video conveys complex messages and concepts easily, quickly and efficiently. If you’re not utilize video and sound as well as text and image, you’re missing. From small businesses to corporations, from charities to politicians, whatever your sector and whatever you do, video has the power to change the way you communicate with the world.


We make you look good! That's our promise and our goal. Regardless what type of video we create for you.

We give you as much creative input as you need on each project.

We are very affordable and have never gone over estimated budget, unless our customer want to add something else after project started.

We work across different industries and tasks. We have a broad range of business clients and individuals that makes us most likely experienced for your project as well.